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Practical information

Internship Agreement

Each company internship, whether a required part of the course or not, must hold a three-party agreement between the intern, the host company/ business, and IAE.

Before establishing the agreement between the three parties, the student must first put forward a request for an internship agreement on the IAE Link platform, with your help.

Once the academic supervisor validates the intern’s missions the IAE administrative team will then establish the Internship Agreement which will be sent to you for your approval and signature.

This agreement must be signed by the host company and by IAE before the start of the internship, or at the very latest, on the first day of the internship.

Each modification to the agreement following its validation must be sent as a request for supplementary clause, to the internship office.  

Absence/ Work trips

Please notify the Internship Office via email of any absences or planned work trips that the student may need to take during the course of their internship.

Intern Evaluation

The intern evaluation makes up a significant part of final grades. This is the moment for the student to submit their work and their project to the judgement of professionals.

An evaluation grid will be sent to you a few days before the end of the internship. The completion of this document is an important element of the evaluation of the student. Moreover, it allows us to better adapt our offer of courses to your needs.

Internship Report and Orals

The student may be asked to provide a report on their internship; this may be produced as a written internship report and/or an oral assessment.

Your contact

Anastasia LECHAT
Internship officer
+33 (0) 5 61 63 57 43

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