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Internships at IAE

Internships are essential to the professional development of IAE students, who each year perform more than 1,000 internships in companies or other organisations, in France and abroad.

An internship allows the student:

  • To put theory into action, becoming familiar with the world of business and work.
  • To refine their professional plans and to become better prepared for the job market.   

Required Internships

  • DCG (Accounting and Management Diploma, License level). Some students are exempt.
  • DSCG (Accounting and Management Diploma, 5-year diploma),
  • Licence 2 Accounting-Control
  • Vocational degree courses,
  • Master 1 and Master 2 (Bac + 4 and 5)

gap year internship

The gap year internship is performed with a company in France or abroad, for 12 months maximum, and not exceeding 6 months in the same company. It takes place between the first and second year of a Master. The purpose of the internship is to put the theoretical aspects of your education into practice.

Your internship agreement request must be accepted before beginning the Master 2 and the gap year internship must be validated by the advisor responsible for your degree program.

The gap year requires full registration; that is to say you must be enrolled as a student at the IAE during this period.

internship abroad

Whatever programme you are enrolled in, internships abroad are permitted.

optional internships

In addition, optional internships are highly recommended starting during the License level.They are also subject to conventions and agreements. All internships must finish by September 30th of the academic year in progress (no extensions are possible beyond this date). 


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Internship officer
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