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Internship agreements

internship agreements


Most programmes at the IAE Toulouse will require experience in the professional milieu during the academic year.

Internships for the Masters 1 and Masters 2 are required in order to obtain a diploma. : 
Access to the restricted IAE Link: : 
  • The IAE Link interface allows students to access information about internship and work-study opportunities (in France and abroad) that are both exclusive to and targeted for each degree program.
  • Internship histories are also available via the interface and can inform you about the content of internships from different sectors over the previous years.
  • A list of company contacts and graduates is accessible to help you in the application process.
Personalized support : 
  • A custom service is offered to students with MyIAE to give you the opportunity, by appointment, to speak one-on-one with advisors in order to help you to better define your professional plans.
UT1 Capitole also puts the following departments at the service of all students: : 
The internship agreement
The Cherpion Law of July 28th, and the law of July 22nd, 2013 experience in the workplace.

« Art. L. 612-8 Professional internships (…) subject the intern, host company and educational institution to a convention (…). »

The internship period begins at the end academic courses and all internships must end before September 30th of the calendar year.
1- Evaluation
  • You must submit all the terms of your internship for evaluation by the IAE Toulouse in order for the agreement to be approved.
  • All students must use the form in IAE Link to input the internship agreement request, including all the information to be evaluated: link.iae-toulouse.fr
  • The Internship Office will use the information entered to verify that the requested agreement complies with legal and administrative requirements.
  • In case of incorrect or missing information, your request will be blocked and the Internship Office will contact you.
  • If your application is compliant, your application will be sent for review by your academic advisor, who will be the sole decision-maker to approve or refuse the internship.

You can submit only one application for an internship agreement
 2- Formalization
The internship agreement application process requires 15 days from the time the online application is submitted. This process must be anticipated so that the period covered by the agreement begins afterwards.

Original copies of agreements approved and signed by the IAE Toulouse will be available at your program Registrar’s Office.
The Internship
The training agreement is a commitment by three signatories: the student, the IAE Toulouse and the host company.
1 – By signing you make a commitment, not only to the company regarding your personal responsibility, but also to the name and reputation of the IAE and the reputation of your diplomas.

2 - During your internship you will be subject to the rules of the company or organization hosting the internship, including its confidentiality policies; this information will be stated in the agreement.

3- Your motivation, seriousness and behavior will be evaluated by the host structure in a document, completed by the in-company internship advisor at the end of your tenure in the company.

4- A document evaluating your reception during your internship you will also be asked of you.

Only serious reasons will be considered in justifying a premature end to the internship agreement, should such an eventuality arise.


end of internship evaluation

Personal evaluation

At the end of your internship you must complete a personal evaluation of the internship. This document obliges you to ask yourself about the concrete results of the internship, your difficulties or surprises and to identify how the internship ultimately fits into your professional development.



  • Careful: This form must be completed and returned to the Registrar’s Office of yourdegree program.




Internship report and evaluation 

Internships require an end-of-internship report and an evaluation by your in-company internship advisor and your academic advisor. Your report is subject to a personal defense, whose parameters will be defined by your academic advisor.

Minimum legal remuneration


The law allows reimbursement for all internships lasting longer than 2 months. 

The amount cannot be lower than 12.5% of the hourly limit for Social Security (or € 436.05 for a workweek  of 35 hours, as of January 1st 2012).

YOUR contact

Anastasia LECHAT
Internship officer
05 61 63 57 43

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