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Incoming students

Welcome to IAE Toulouse 

Every year, IAE Toulouse welcomes students arriving through exchange programmes with our partner universities.

All exchange students are formally registered with Toulouse 1 Capitole university (UT1), of which IAE is the School of Management. They can follow courses  "a la carte" at IAE Toulouse School of Management.

Courses in the Economics, Law and Administration departments are coordinated by the International Relations Office of UT1 (echanges@ut-capitole.fr, office J 103, Arsenal building.)

Courses in business and management are taught and coordinated at IAE Toulouse, for more informaition please contact : clare.armstrong@iae-toulouse.fr | lola.lestum@iae-toulouse.fr, office AF 3, building Anciennes Facultés.

Welcome Week starts on the 4th of September 2017 and courses start on the 11th of September 2017 

Who is eligible as an exchange student?

Only students registered in one of Toulouse 1 Capitole university partners can come and take courses in our School of Management as part of an exchange program.

Please check the list of our partners here.

For more information about the application process, please contact the International Relations office in your home university.

Exchange programs


Erasmus is the student exchange programme of the European Union and associate countries. Students enter for a semester or an academic year at undergraduate level (L3 or M1).

If your home university has an exchange agreement with Toulouse University (Université de Toulouse 1 Sciences Sociales or UT1) and in particular with IAE Toulouse School of Management, contact your International Office or academic co-ordinator. You will receive an application form which you must send to our International Office; they will then send the form to the relevant UT1 co-ordinator. The home university selects the participating students.

You will choose courses ‘à la carte’ for a certain number of credits. Please note that you can only choose courses at undergraduate level.

In general one semester equals 30 credits in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), a whole academic year equals 60 ECTS credits. Credits measure the proportion of a year’s work that a course represents, and are not related directly to the number of class hours or private study. You should calculate your own study plan, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your home university is prepared to grant you credits for the courses taken.

Crepuq (Quebec)

Toulouse University has set up an international exchange programme with several Canadian universities, particularly in Quebec. Canadian students arrive in Toulouse for a year or a semester during the third or fourth year of study. The host University selects the students.

Bilateral agreements

The University of Toulouse has signed bilateral agreements with partner institutions all over the world

Catalogue of courses (ECTS guide)

Click here for the list of courses available for exchange students in 2017-2018 at IAE.
The list of courses for 2017-18 will be available shortly.
You will also find this catalogue in the UT1 International Relations Office, J103, and in the IAE International Relations Office, AF3.

Click here to get the link to all the catalogue of courses of UT1 Capitole.

How to register for a course

 Click here to read the steps you should follow:

Courses catalogue

Click here for the list of courses available for exchange students in 2016-2017.
This list is subject to change. You will also find this catalogue in the UT1 International Relations Office, J103, and in the IAE International Relations Office, AF1.


Carefully check the course timetables to make sure you can follow all the courses chosen. It is compulsory to attend both lectures (“cours magistraux”) and tutorials (“travaux dirigés” – TD). If there are several tutorial groups, you can choose the one that is most suitable to your schedule (please inform the administrative officer in charge of the programme).

On-line schedules - webmail

“Google apps for education” is a tool used to store pedagogical material.
On this platform you can have access to:
  • Your IAE webmail:

You can log on via the welcome page of the IAE website if you click on “Accès webmail étudiants”. Please note that the secretaries will communicate with you via this IAE address and that it will be your first source of information.

Your login will be your student number
Your password will be the la 8 digits of your Identifiant National d’Etudiant (INE) in capital letters

If you have trouble to log in please write a message to: informatique@iae-toulouse.fr

- The online teaching material and the online schedules of the courses via “Drive” from your IAE webmail.


Information regarding timetables, time changes, exams, etc. will be communicated by the following:

  • on the programme notice board
  • by email
  • in the online resources

Don't hesitate to check with the Secretariat if you need help getting the information (see the tab Contact below).

Computer network

Computer room AF128 is free access to students (from Sptember onwards), Monday to Friday.

In order to be able to connect to one of our computers, you need your student card. Within 48 hours, you will be able to connect with:

  • your login : your student number
  • your password: the six last digits of your Identifiant National d’Etudiant (INE) in capital letters

In case of problem, please contact the IT office :
Room AF205 
Email : informatique@iae-toulouse.fr

Improve your french

There are several ways to improve your French:

  • You can register to the French classes offered by Toulouse University (COMUE) for exchange students
  • "Language Resources Center" (CRL) at UT1: learning software programmes, tandem (conversation swop), conversation groups, etc.

Useful links

  • Université Toulouse 1 Capitole.The website of Université Toulouse 1, which our School is part of . you will find  information about accomodation in Toulouse.
  • Pôle de Recherche et d'Enseignement Supérieur (PRES). The main organisation comprising 16 establishments in the region. There is a lot of information on this website, including on French Language courses (under "Europe et International") and accommodation, social security, etc (under "Vie étudiante")
  • Campus France. For information on the Campus France procedure, concerning students residing in 30 countries in the world.
  • Toulouse The official website of Toulouse city council.
  • Tisseo For information on transportation in Toulouse.
  • Transports information in Toulouse : Bus Tisseo, Station SNCFVélo ToulouseToulouse Blagnac Airport.
  • Information about accommodation in Toulouse : Crous, Welcome Desk,  etc
  • Life on campus - meeting people and staying in touch : BDE IAE ToulouseASER, etc
  • IAE Toulouse social networks : Follow us on Facebook ! 
  • International Hub Facebook with IAE Student's Union 


Exchange students coordinator
Office AF3 (Anciennes Facultés, entrée 2 rue Lautman, rez de chaussée)

Lola  LE STUM 
International Relations Officer
Office AF3 (Anciennes Facultés, entrée 2 rue Lautman, rez de chaussée)


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