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Here you will find the most frequent asked questions about admissions and registration and other useful information. 

How can I apply to the IAE ? 

In higher education, you can apppy to a : 
  • Licence 1 : through the "Admission Post-Bac" procedure from January, 20th to March, 20th. 
  • a Licence  3 : you must submit your academic fil via eCandidatures and pass the SIM test if it is possible in your country
  • a Master (or DSCG ): you must submit your academic file via eCandidatures  from February, 8th to March 31st

For our continuing education programmes, you can apply to 

  • a vocationnal degree (Bachelor level)
  • a Master 1 or 2 
  • a university degree ("DU")
Application dates and admission criteria may differ according to the programme.

Find more about the programme you want to apply for

Do I have to pass a test to apply at the IAE ?

To apply to our Licence 3, you must pass the national test Score IAE Message ("SIM") if there is a center allowing you to pass it in your country. If not, only your academic file will be considered for your admission.

What are the admission criteria ? What are my chances ? 

Selection is made according to the following criteria : 

  • quality of the academic file
  • relevance of your career objectives
  • possible tests or interviews depending on the programme 

How can I apply to the IAE if I am a foreigner ?

Every year many students come to the IAE from abroad. Regardless of your nationality, if you want to apply you must submit your application via eCandidatures and follow instructions given on our website.

In some cases (depending on your contry) you will have to follow the Campus France procedure in addition to the IAE procedure (see list of affected countries in the next question below).
Depending on the programme, additional procedures may be required. Read carefully about it on the programme description.

Do I have to follow the Campus France procedure to apply ? 

You have to follow the "Etudes en France" (Campus France) procedure if you are living in a one of the following countries at the time of your application: Algeria, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Chile, China, Colombia, Comoros, Congo, South Korea, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, USA, Gabon, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Marocco, Mauritius, Mauritania, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Senegal, Syria, Taiwan, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam.

This procedure must be completed in addition to the IAE procedure.

I do not have french checks. What can I do ? 

If you can not use a french check for the admission fee, you have to contact the administrative officer of the chosen programme who will tell you how to proceed .

Can I send  my transcript after the deadline ? 

Yes, it is possible to complete with additional documents after the deadline provided you inform the administrative officer of the chosen programme.

When will the admission results be published ? 

Admission results will be available online on our website June 19th. You will have to confirm (or withdraw) by June, 26th. Withdrawal is final.

Can I know my position on the wait list ? 

Positions on the wait list are never disclosed (not by mail, not by phone, not even in person).

When does the registration take place ? 

The exact dates will be published on this website in July. Registration usually takes place at the end of August and/or early September.

What are the tuitions fees at IAE Toulouse ? 

Tuitions fees are around 400€ for a licence and 480 € for a master.

When do the classes start ? 

Return to school dates will be published in June on this website. Start of the school year is usually in early september.


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